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Term paper topics

When choosing a term paper topic, you should remember that this is the most important stage of your writing. It determines the success of the whole process and the final result, including the mark you get for it. However, don’t make this stage the longest one in your schedule to have enough time for all the rest of the labour-intensive and time-consuming stages.

Key factors for choosing term paper topic:

Your successful and advantageous term paper topics idea will depend on a number of factors that you need to consider:

  • Your major and the class you are in;your major and the class you are in;
  • The topic you are to cover;
  • The instructor’s requirements as well as personal expectations;
  • Your personal interests;
  • The audience’s preferences and interests;
  • The significance of the issue for the academia and the future research, etc.

This is not an easy task, indeed, but we will try to give some guidelines on how to make it as painless as possible.

How to choose?

Make It Relevant to the Requirements. The very first thing that will help you to come up with a really good term paper topic is the thorough study of the project guidelines, as well as consulting your instructor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The smallest bit of information can be of great use to prompt you on the direction of the research. But make sure you are aware of all the finest points and details before you get to work. Your instructor is sure to aim at testing your knowledge, understanding, skills and the ability to implement theory into real life situations, as well as check your ideas on the issue trying to mark your level of the learning practices. Keep that in mind while selecting the topic and try to adjust to that.

  • Make It Catching. If the topic interests you, the writing process will be easier and quicker for you. If the topic interests the audience, the paper will be read and listened to with eagerness. Try to correlate your own interests with those of the public it is aimed at.
  • Make It Important. Even the most interesting subject will not get you high grade if it has no value. Significance, originality and novelty of the question you are dealing with make your paper valuable and more important for the academia as well as for the ordinary audience. Even the long-ago-researched problem can have some undisclosed sides that you can touch upon. Use your natural wit and resourcefulness to consider these points.
  • Make It Brain-Feeding. Provoke the reader to think; even the instructor. Pick up some controversial or argumentative issue, topic or the angle of the researched problem. Don’t let the audience read the last word, close the paper and forget about it. It should leave the long-lasting impression giving them some food for thought. On the other hand, such topics are always interesting, topical and significant, being able to provoke heated debates, which is always advantageous.

Topics that will score

Whatever topic you choose, you should be able to render it properly and in relevance with the title and the main idea you put in its core. Here are some good topics in some of the trickiest subjects that can make you a hint on what direction to move in.

  • Term paper topics for sociology
    • Abortions;
    • Drug and alcohol abuse;
    • Gay families;
    • Single-parent families;
    • Ethnic and racial problems;
    • Poverty and crime;
    • Terrorism;
    • Impact of crime on societies or individuals;
    • Adolescent ambition;
    • Family abuse, etc.
  • Term paper topics for psychology
    • Cognitive therapy;
    • Psychological development;
    • Mental disorders;
    • Emotional intelligence;
    • Phobias;
    • Media violence and its impact on children;
    • Problem-solving, etc.
  • Term paper topics for philosophy
    • Moral theory;
    • Material substance;
    • Theory of the mind;
    • Inequality;
    • Existentialism;
    • Philosophy of leadership.
  • Term paper topics for religion
    • Woman’s place in society;
    • Female rabbis;
    • Views of hell;
    • Funeral practices;
    • Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism or any other world religion, etc.
  • Term paper topics for science
    • Global warming or any other environmental issue;
    • Artificial satellites;
    • Cloning;
    • Human genome;
    • Minerals;
    • Neanderthals;
    • Animal testing;
    • Life on other planets, etc.
  • Term paper topics for criminal justice
    • 3 strikes law;
    • DNA profiling;
    • Capital punishment;
    • Children abduction;
    • Contract law;
    • Juvenile recidivism, etc.
  • Term paper topics for world history
    • Hitler;
    • World War I;
    • World War II;
    • Afghanistan;
    • Camp David;
    • Stagnation in Cyprus;
    • Cold War;
    • Haitian Revolution;
    • Roman Republic;
    • Carolingian Renaissance;
    • Latin American Independence;
    • Victorian era and a whole lot of other interesting and important topics.
  • Term paper topics for finance
    • Economic situation in the world;
    • Economic situation in a particular country;
    • Economic situation of a certain organization;
    • Taxes, incomes and expenses;
    • Monetary capacities;
    • Fiscal policies;
    • Selling or buying products, etc.
  • Term paper topics for ethics
    • Honesty and lies;
    • Ethical code in medicine;
    • Ethics in law, journalism, etc;
    • Poverty;
    • Corruption;
    • Business ethics;
    • Experiments on humans and animals;
    • Cloning;
    • Euthanasia, and so on.

And remember that the success of your paper totally depends on your ability to select the right topic, able to satisfy all the above mentioned points, factors and requirements. But mind that there are no good or bad term paper topics and ideas. It is all up to you and your capability to give it a new look and choose an unconventional and unexpected angle.

Be original, creative and inventive. This is true about the topic selection and, to some extent, about the paper writing, but remember to be concrete, credible and trustworthy, using only reliable and authentic material with the firm and strong evidence.