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Research paper topics

Research paper! At times these two simple words may turn out to be a real nightmare for a student. Completing this kind of a written assignment can be way too challenging for this is an extremely responsible task that tends to be very significant for the student’s academic excellence as well as for the whole academic career.

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It’s not a big secret that the success of the research paper writing depends on the topic of the investigation to great extent. This is the very first stage of the writing process and tends to be the most important one, for there are several reasons why it depends on your success.

Points to consider while choosing the right research paper topic

  • A good research paper topic is an interesting topic. The more it interests and fascinates you and gives you the opportunity to discover something new for yourself and for the public, the easier, quicker and much more pleasant it will be to work at the project.
  • A really good topic will definitely correspond to all the project instructions. The topic should meet all the necessary requirements made by the instructor, the educational establishment or the academia. The absence of any kind of discrepancies will surely add to your success.
  • A good topic for research paper is interesting and significant for the audience. If it is, the paper will be read by the audience and paid attention to. And this is actually the most important thing for any writing.
  • A good topic unquestionably has at least some value for the academia. You are a researcher and you are supposed to research something of the interest for the scientific society.

Now you know the principle criteria for choosing the right topic. And if you succeed in choosing an interesting topic that is of great significance to the reader and the academia, has all the materials available for you and corresponds to the guidelines presented by the supervisor, including the purpose of the paper, be ready to work at the project with ease and pleasure. The purpose of the paper in its turn depends on its type.

Types of paper topics and their peculiarities with topic examples

  • Argumentative research paper topics and ideas
    Such papers usually presuppose some counterargument. Here the widely discussed controversial issues will suit well:
    • Capital punishment
    • Euthanasia
    • Pornography
    • Sex education
    • Homosexualism
    • Prostitution
    • Gay marriages
    • Prayer in public schools
    • Creationism vs. evolution
    • Non-violent crimes
    • Sex and violence on TV
    • Media’s role
    • Internet influence, etc.
  • Controversial research paper topics and ideas 
    This kind of papers is like argumentative to some extent. The questions that have been publicly discussed for long already are often the best ones for such papers:
    • Euthanasia
    • Death penalty
    • Racial or ethnic discrimination
    • Violence in films and video games
    • Health care
    • Gun control
    • Abortions
    • Teen pregnancy
    • Adoptions
    • Drinking age
    • Wegetarianism
    • UFO
    • Global warming, etc.
    Any formulation of the topic question is good for these two types of papers. A simple posing of question like: “Should prostitution be legalized?” or “Does our country need the health care plan?” will also do.
  • Persuasive research paper topics and ideas
    The main goal of such papers is to convince and persuade the audience of something. Your purpose in this case is to make the reader take your side and your way of thinking. They need to believe that this way is the best one. Any issue can become the topic for such a paper; just mind that you are to know a lot about the question to be able to really persuade. All the above mentioned contradictory topics are perfect for it. But the formulating of a title should be affirmative, not interrogative:
    • Medical Marijuana should be legalized.
    • Assisted suicide is dubious act of mercy.
    • Illegal immigration undermines the country’s economy.
  • Opinion research paper topics and ideas
    These papers may also contain some controversy or argument. However, they generally presuppose somebody else’s opinions on the matter, as well as your own, but not the suggestions as for the problem solution. Here you may choose absolutely any issue that interests you and form it into an interesting and intriguing discussion. Try to choose something from the abovementioned, but include your own opinion (agree-disagree form). 
  • Comparative research paper topics and ideas
     As it is clear from the name, you will have to deal with two different topics having some common feature. Anything can be compared, actually: the works of literature, art, architecture, etc; psychological peculiarities of mental disorders; political structures; some certain aspects of different time periods and so on. Here are some of the examples for you to see what it could be:
    • Women in pre-war and post-war society.
    • Cultural differences of the western and eastern civilizations.
    • Catholic and Orthodox Churches: similarities and differences.
  • Analytical research paper topics and ideas
    Such papers need to contain some deep analysis of a certain peculiarity, aspect, area or fact that has never been analyzed before in such a detail. Be sure to narrow the topic down as much as possible:
    • The category of emotive coloring in Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry.
    • Feminist movement in Islamic groups in Iran
    • Social Networks as the analogue of the social groupings of older times. 
  • Expository research paper topics and ideas
    These ones need descriptions and explanations instead of analyzing. They tend to touch upon the real life situations and to contain a lot of new and fresh information, as well as the thoughts and feelings of your own. The topic would most likely start with the word “Explain”:
    • Explain the Aristotle’s philosophy.
    • Explain why you consider a certain person to be your hero.
    • Explain the main changes in the fashion of the WWII period.
    • Explain the tragedy of the film “American History X”.
    • Give your interpretation of loneliness.