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How to write an essay

Very often students turn to various internet sources with a simple question “How do I write an essay?”. This may be important for anyone. You may need to write an essay for kids on some easy topic, an essay for college, an application essay or a scholarship essay. Sometimes it seems to be a really frustrating and challenging task to cope with on your own, unless you know how to write a proper essay.

The proper college essay structure

Actually, not only college essays but all of them are traditionally five-paragraph essays. Of course, there can be exceptions, connected with the subject, the type or the professor’s personal requirements. But if you want to know how to write an essay, you should know that its structure normally consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

  • Introduction. This is the paragraph, which is to contain your thesis statement, thus present the main idea of the whole essay.
  • Body paragraphs.. They are meant to support your thesis statement and the ideas about it presented in the introduction paragraph. Normally, there are three of them (most often, if to be more specific), though there can be variations. Don’t overdo with these paragraphs. Three sentences (an introductory one, an explanatory one and a concluding one, which will link this paragraph with the next one) will be quite enough. But each paragraph should deal with a separate idea, logically and successively exposing the main argument.
  • Conclusion. This is the final paragraph of an essay paper, which is meant to summarize everything said above proving or denying the thesis statement. No new ideas or repeated phrases here; only concluded facts.

How to write good essay?

Of course, the five-paragraph essay structure is not enough for a successful essay paper. Besides, the structure described above concerns the simplest types of writings that you may be assigned at any level of your education. However, there may be more complicated assignments, requiring deeper thoughts; more thorough research and investigation; more words, paragraphs and pages; as well as including proposal, abstract or even acknowledgement into it. So before you start writing your essay, make sure that you know all the finest details indicated in the project guidelines, as well as the professor’s requirements and instructions.

Some more useful ideas on the matter

  • Choose a good topic, which is going to conform to the subject and the type of the essay. Make it topical, significant and intriguing.
  • Think of an appropriate title, able to grab the public’s attention and make them believe that they really care.
  • Conduct a thorough research, using all the possible available materials on the matter and making all the necessary notes, and make an essay outline.
  • Be grammatically correct, avoiding grammatical, punctuation, spelling, stylistic or technical mistakes.
  • Stay away from plagiarism.