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Dissertation example

To make your life easier we decided to write available dissertation example online, where you will find writing tip on how to write and what like it’s going to look like. Moreover, if you will understand that you are not able to write your dissertation by yourself we are always ready to help you. provides any custom writing services.

How to begin writing the thesis? Any first step is difficult, especially when you don’t know how to proceed. Try starting with chapter about research methods. This is the easiest, as the description of the techniques is in the literature, and if you come up with their own, you will be able to describe them. This chapter can be written in the first year, when the research is in full swing and then just adjust it.

Example of dissertation outline

Classical PhD dissertation usually has the following structure: title page, table of contents, list of abbreviations (if any, may also be located at the end of the dissertation), methods of research and review of the literature, introduction, four chapters (may be two or three chapters). And finally there are conclusions and practical recommendations (if necessary), references and appendices.

  • In the introduction the author can justify the choice of the research topic, to reflect its importance, to show the scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance of the work.
  • Chapter 1 should be called in accordance with its content, for example: “The current state of mental health problems change under the influence of various pharmacological agents” and provides an overview and analysis of the literature on the research topic.It is advisable to consider the condition at the present moment is a chosen research area that has already been done by others, that this issue is still unclear and therefore requires further study. If your thesis addresses several major problems, the head may have paragraphs (they are numbered 1.1., 1.2, etc.).The logical conclusion of Chapter 1 is the wording of goals, objectives of the study, a working hypothesis (which is supposed to result from the study) and basic provisions for the defense. In the thesis defended to teaching professions are usually present object and subject of study. The object of study is the inclusion of the subjects (group of people, animals, etc). In our example – it is mental performance. Conclusion of Chapter 1 – this is the part of your dissertation, which may change significantly as the work on the topic. Finally, goals, objectives, etc. will be set forth in the final stage of writing dissertations and theses.
  • Chapter 2 (may be called “Methods”) usually is a description of the techniques of research and contingent subjects. Sufficient detail should describe the organization of the experiment; describe the methods used equipment, to provide detailed information about the subjects. After reading this chapter there should be no question about how you got some data. Anyone read it should understand how to conduct a similar study (for example, to check your results.) Chapter 2 can be divided into paragraphs, describing the test separately and each method, or group the obtained results according to certain criteria (paragraphs and name, for example: 2.1. Indicators of the central nervous system. 2.2. Indicators of immunity, etc.).
  • Chapter 3 (may be called “The results of the study”) usually represents a summary of the results of your own research. It is often contains tables to the data (not the original, but already treated), drawings, illustrating or generalizing the results, explanations by the author of some of the data. Usually, this chapter is divided into sections according to the logic of presentation. Sometimes (often in PhD), if the study is too thick and is made on several fronts, the presentation of your own results occupies two chapters (Chapter 3 and Chapter 4). In this case, the thesis has more than one chapter, and the results are discussed in Chapter 5.
  • Chapter 4 (may be called “Discussion of Results”) usually is a discussion of the results. It has two objectives. First, you need to compare your findings with the results of other authors, and second, after analyzing current scientific concepts, to define – a position which one can explain your data (or which of them “fit” your results.) If you had a three-dimensional study using modern techniques serious, and your results do not fit into any of the known theories or contradict them, and if at the same time you’re convinced that the obtained data can be trusted, then your thesis “pulls” for doctorate. Unlike doctoral dissertation from candidate dissertation is the fact that the first should be a major scientific discovery or to open a new research direction.
  • Number of conclusions in the dissertation must match the number of tasks (and ideally – be a solution to these problems). However, in practice this is rare. A problem may correspond to two conclusions, at least – few conclusions correspond to the task. Inconsistencies conclusions stated objectives should be avoided. If the findings do not meet the objectives – change problem, no one will notice that before – to justify the choice of a theme – they were different. Even if someone notices it is in the nature of things, and no one will find fault in this.The dissertation for the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences, and protected by two specialties, one of which is teaching, provides practical recommendations are formulated on the basis of experimental data. If you are conscientiously carried out the study, write practical recommendations will be easy.
  • References. This section should be well structured and include all your links in the correct style references. How to edit and rewrite the thesis you will probably have to get requirements early. It is important to check that all references in the bibliography and references in the text are consistent. And check whether all the links that appear in the text appear in the reference list.

Quite a difficult point is the correct design of dissertation. It must be very strictly to all of the requirements (offset from the beginning of the title and the text, so and so – from the beginning of the paragraph to the text, etc.). Remember all the requirements is difficult, moreover, they have a tendency to constantly change. Just keep in mind that it is important, and at the final stage of preparation of the dissertation consult on the matter. Scientific director may not know all the latest subtleties. It makes sense to read some latest articles about academic formats.

If you need any help, you can always contact and we will provide any writing help. Also to understand how looks dissertation structure like you may download PhD dissertation example free.