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Argumentative research raper topics

Argumentative research papers are among the most favourite types of papers among the teachers and professors. They also tend to be the most advantageous ones, so if you are given the freedom to choose not only the topic for your research, but the type of the paper as well, you’d better choose an argumentative research paper.

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It is always interesting and intriguing, which is equally good for the success among the readers, as well as for the instructor’s appreciation. However, care should be taken to select appropriate argumentative research paper topics that will make your efforts even more successful, for a good topic is really half way to a winning writing.

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How to choose good argumentative research paper topics?

As it becomes clear from the name, an argumentative research paper presupposes some kind of argument. This means that the main question you put into the core of the work should have several opposing points of view. Naturally, such question is meant to be pretty much controversial. Such issues are always paid much attention to by the audience, for they arouse much interest.

Moreover, it is going to be more interesting for you to research the problem, which requires some investigation, proofs and finding the right side to support. Besides, the question you are discussing is to be significant for the academia, as well as the society, for your paper to have value.

So, while choosing topics for argumentative research paper, consider the following factors:

  • Your personal interest;
  • Public’s interest;
  • Topicality of the question;
  • Ability to prove your position and back it up with credible evidence.

These things will help you find good argumentative research paper topics.

Advantageous ideas for argumentative research papers

The most successful controversial issues can be found everywhere. And while choosing ideas for argumentative research papers, you can choose absolutely anything that bothers today’s society to speak about in your paper. For advantageous argumentative research paper topic ideas consider these:

  • Politics is one of the most controversial aspect;
  • Related to these are legal issues;
  • Economics and finances have a number of arguable questions;
  • Religion and its various aspects are still much argued about;
  • Environment has always been a burning point in society;
  • Ethics and morality will never seize their importance;
  • Cultural, racial and ethnic problems are somewhere close to ethics and are as significant;
  • Science and technology are getting new issues for discussion daily;
  • Educational issues will be especially significant for your classmates;
  • So are the issues of youth and generations;
  • As well as sexuality and gender problems;
  • Much debate provoke also mass media, video and films, computer and video games, internet, etc;
  • Just like advertising and marketing.

Examples of good argument topics for research paper

Here are the examples of good argumentative research essay topics for each of the abovementioned issues:

  • Can the world live without wars?
  • Should regulations of smoking in public places be imposed?
  • How can internet influence economics?
  • The influence of prayer time in public schools on our children.
  • Is mandatory recycling a way out?
  • Should euthanasia be permitted and protected by the law?
  • How can we protect the rights of minorities?
  • How can law regulate genetic engineering?
  • Bilingual education in public schools.
  • Should juveniles be tried and punished as adults?
  • Can homosexuals be permitted to adopt children?
  • Sex and violence on television, in the movies and in the video and computer games.

These are only few of the ideas, but you can get the main idea on how to choose good argument topics for research paper.